The Gilt

The walleye is a big species of perch liking the important plans of water (big river, lake). He has a gregarious behavior and is lucifuge. Native of the North of North America and close relative of the European pikeperch, it is a fish having a vast area of distribution.

His size can be impressive with a record of 107 cms and a 11,3 kg weight. More collectively, he reaches a maximal size of 75 cms for a mass of 7 kg. It is the gluttonous carnivore which can ingest preys representing a good fraction of its size.

The walleye tolerates a vast range of ambient conditions, but seems to reach its biggest abundance in the big lakes shallow and turbid. The optimal transparency of a shallow lake which allows the walleye to feed the day and of the order of 1 in 2 meters in the record Secchi.