The pike is a species of fishes which lives in rivers and in rivers, in lakes and in the ponds of Europe, America of the North, Asia and Morocco (Middle Atlas, introduced). The pike is present on all the band of the globe between the tropic of Capricorn and the polar circle.

For a long time considered wrongly as a greedy monster devouring all which appears at its reach, he is recognized as an excellent regulator of population of lakes and ponds today. He is often introduced into the plans of water where carps are in excess.

The pike is spindle-shaped and covered with fine scales, with differences according to its environment of life. Sides and back are generally greenish or yellowish. His size varies from 30 to 110 cms and its weight between 2 and 10 kg, however individuals of more of 130 cms and more than 30 kg exist but are rather rare (they are generally females).