The yellow perch is a species of fish dulcicole belonging to the family of percidés. Ubiquitous in North America, she adapts itself well to any sorts of housing environments: big lakes, small ponds or quiet rivers.

This fish is plentiful in lakes and stream of Canada and the United States. He would have been introduced in Europe. The yellow perch is native of south regions of Canada, as well as of the northeast of the United States and of the North of the Plains of this country.

The colors of the yellow perch, in its natural housing environment, allow to differentiate her outside any doubt. The alternated, triangular bands are unique for North American fishes. She has two dorsal fins. The first one is trained by thorny beams and cutting, whereas the second is supple. His shape is more hurt than basses or crapets, but more thickset than the gilt.

The body of the yellow perch is lengthened and oval. His average length is situated between 10 and 25 cms and it weighs on average between 50 and 200 g. This fish possesses two well separated dorsal fins.