The great whitefish is a species of locally frequent freshwater fish in the north hemisphere in Europe, in Asia and in North America.

He is easy to identify by his forked tail and the small head, his lengthened body and covered with big scales. He(it) is silvered on sides, with a white stomach and a brown-green, grey-blue or blue-green back. His average size is 45 cms for a 1 kg weight.

The lakes of height seem to have their preference, but we find them in dams of reservoirs, gravel pits and borrow pits and fresh ponds, where they were often introduced. Except in period of reproduction, they live in the wide, in big lakes of mountain, the level of the surface until 20 m of depth. Certain species live closer of the bottom where they feed.

The oldest specimens which were observed were 10-year-old.